Organic Fertilizer – Green Phoenix

Although we may be biased, we feel it is hard to find a career more noble than being stewards of this earth’s beautiful land and caretakers for thousands of precious animals’ lives.  Because we take this responsibility so seriously, we are continually evaluating and changing our farming and livestock practices in an effort to improve our world.  We would like to share with you a few of our practices that separate us from agricultural norms and aid us in being better stewards and caretakers.

Organic Fertilizer – Green Phoenix

Our anaerobic digestion process creates approximately 15 million gallons of a nutrient-rich, organic fertilizer each year.  Our organic fertilizer is recognized by the Indiana State Chemist and Indiana Department of Environment Management (IDEM) as Green PhoenixGreen Phoenix is a mixture of the cattle manure, hog manure, and organic waste streams that we process.  It is an environmentally responsible way to fertilize our soil with organic materials, reducing our dependency on commercial fertilizer produced from fossil fuels.

The nutrients in Green Phoenix will be able to replace approximately 70% of the Phosphorous (P) removed by the crops on all of the land RAKR presently farms and 40% of the Potassium (K) removed.  There is also enough Nitrogen (N) in Green Phoenix to account for approximately 45% of the total nitrogen needed on all of RAKR’s annual corn acres.  In addition to these nutrients, Green Phoenix will supply our soil with micro-nutrients, microbes, and organic matter (OM).

Not only is Green Phoenix good for our soil, it is good for our environment.  Since this is a post-digestion product, the majority of the Methane (CH₄) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) has been removed.  The methane is removed and used as the fuel to run the engine on our generator.  Removing these gases from our product helps eliminate emissions to the atmosphere.

Currently, RAKR Farms is utilizing all of the Green Phoenix we produce.  We are considering direct sales of Green Phoenix to local farmers or offering custom application of Green Phoenix.  For more information on this, please visit the Services page or use the Contact Us function for more information.