Our Staff

At RAKR Farms, Inc. we are fortunate to have a great group of guys, and one gal, who have been committed to our operation.  Our diverse operation requires a wide variety of skillsets, and our team has done a nice job of filling the necessary roles as they evolve.

Rick Roach | Owner, President & Farm Manager

The RAKR Team at the 2015 Christmas Party

The RAKR Team at the 2015 Christmas Party

Rick Roach, the first “R” in RAKR, serves as the board President and the Farm Manager for day-to-day operations.  All other managers of their respective departments report to Rick.  He is also the primary marketer of all commodities.  Rick has been farming since 1982 after he graduated from Stetson University in Deland, Florida where he received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  After graduating, Rick returned to join his father on the farm during one of the hardest periods in agriculture, the 1980’s.  As a fifth generation farmer, he is no stranger to the challenges of the agriculture world.  His business mind and passion for agriculture have helped shape the operation in to what it is today.

Ervon Arthur | Owner, Vice President & Operator

Ervon Arthur, the “A” in RAKR, is one of the more gifted operators in our area.  Although recently retired, Ervon can be found on the farm in a planter, combine, or identifying the latest equipment breakdown.  In addition to his operating skills, Ervon is a talented wrench known for being extremely observant and able to identify problems others struggle to locate.  Ervon and Rick began farming together in an informal agreement in 1988 with the idea of sharing equipment and labor.  Along with being an operator, Ervon currently serves as the board Vice President.

Dave Kilmer | Owner

Dave Kilmer, the “K” in RAKR, is not actively involved in day-to-day affairs.  Dave owns and operates his own specialty hog operation, Kilmer Swine Farm, where he breeds an elite group of show hogs, breeding stock, and market hogs.  Dave first became associated with the RAKR team in 1997 when he, Rick, and Doug teamed up to purchase a hog operation on U.S. 24, calling it RKR Farms.  Dave is a 1973 graduate of Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science.

Doug Raderstorf | Owner, Secretary/Treasurer, & CFO

Doug Raderstorf, the final “R” in RAKR, is the operations Chief Financial Officer.  Doug first became associated with the RAKR team in 1997 when he, Rick, and Dave teamed up to start a hog operation called RKR Farms.  Doug, a 1978 graduate of Ball State University with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, has spent the majority of his professional life as an accountant and CPA (since 1982) at his firm, Raderstorf & Associates, P.C.  In 2006, Doug sold his accounting firm and joined the RAKR team full time.  Along with handling the financial affairs for RAKR Farms, Doug is also the President and Manager of the Waste No Energy, LLC anaerobic digester project.  Doug’s experience, expertise, and business relationships have proven to be invaluable to RAKR Farms.

Kyle Dyer | Owner, Livestock Manager

Kyle is the most recent owner of RAKR Farms.  Kyle, who is married to Rick’s oldest daughter, Courtney, is the farm’s Livestock Manager.  Kyle started his career with RAKR farms by working during his summer breaks from Ball State University.  Even though Kyle developed a love and passion for farming, he continued to pursue his bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training and graduated in 2008.  Kyle’s medical background has helped him develop a keen eye for hog and cattle health.  In addition to being responsible for managing all livestock operations, Kyle is also very involved in the cropping side of RAKR.  He plants the soybean crop in the spring, manages the grain dryer during the fall, and is responsible for maintaining grain quality while it is in the bin throughout the year.

Richard Roach | Crop Manager

Richard, Rick’s son, is the final member of the RAKR management team.  Although other obligations prevent Richard from being full-time on the farm, he is still actively involved.  Richard is a 2011 graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy where he received a bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering and a minor in Management.  Richard, the Crop Manager, is responsible for the farm’s Ag Management Software where he maintains all crop, application, and soil sampling records.  He also utilizes this software to perform detailed analysis on in-field and farm-wide test plots which aid in each year’s crop management decisions and alterations.

The Team

Supplementing our owners and management team is a full complement of talented employees.  Each of our full-time and part-time employees bring a unique skillset and knowledge base that we get the pleasure of capitalizing on each day.

Although we make every effort to create a schedule that alleviates repeated long nights during the spring and fall, our employees are often asked to work very non-traditional hours.  Whether it is answering alarm calls for the digester in the middle of the night, bringing the last load of corn to the grain facility at midnight during harvest, or loading hogs at five in the morning, our employees are always there to get the job done.  The patience and understanding of our employees’ families does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated.  Without our employees, and the support of their families, none of what we do would be possible.