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RAKR Farms, Inc. is a multi-faceted agricultural operation with a diverse footprint that spans two counties in North Central Indiana. Our cropping entities produce corn, soybeans, and a few acres of winter wheat. The livestock operation raises non-contract wean-to-finish hogs as well as feeder cattle. Our newest venture is an anaerobic digester, operating under the name Waste No Energy, LLC, which produces renewable energy, heat, and organic fertilizer. RAKR Farms, Inc. was formed when a group of local farmers and businessmen decided to pool their talents and work together in the evolving industry of agriculture. Although RAKR Farms, Inc. was formed in 2009, the members of the RAKR team have been working together since the 1990’s and their farming experience dates back to the 1970’s and 1980’s.

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RAKR Farms, Inc. is committed to responsibly producing the highest quality crops, livestock, and energy on the market. Devoted to growth, we remain prepared to adapt to the fluctuating economy with ingenuity and excellence while being environmentally conscious.